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Hickory Grove / Covenanter Cemetery census taken 04/15/2000 by Stephen Stewart

Hickory Grove is located within an 1/8 of a mile from the Pleasant Divide Cemetery. The story of the beginning of the cemetery is that when the Presbyterian Churches united, the Pleasant Divide or "Seceder" cemetery did not join the union. Those people in the church who wanted to join the union started their own church and cemetery, known as Hickory Grove or "Covenanter". Members of the same families may be buried in both cemeteries. It has also been known as Chisholm, for a family in the early burials, and now is commonly known as the "Cemetery of the Pyramids", because of the three pyramids a resident of the area built for his tomb. These pyramids were not within the cemetery, but adjacent to it. In later years the land was make a part of the cemetery. The pyramids were built in 1939 for Axel Peterson. He was past 70, an avid reader and publisher of a small newspaper, since 1913, called the "Boomer". One of his books told the story of the ancient pyramids in Egypt and contained diagrams of their construction. Axel thought he could build them, and hired men who constructed them of native sandstone and cement. The largest of the three contains a crypt where he planned for himself and a friend, Anton Heymooler, to be entombed. An upside down iron dump truck bed was used for the roof and sides of the crypt. Concrete benches and a table were planned so that Peterson and Heymooler might be encased in cement and seated facing each other. These plans were never realized, and Axel was buried in the Cuba cemetery east of Avery instead. The pyramids stand today, attracting sight-seers and are a popular gathering place for young people. In the past much vandalism occurred in the cemetery. Last year a new fence and gates were put up, stones set upright and broken ones repaired and the cemetery is a well kept and attractive place.