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This is the county's largest cemetery, with over 11,000 graves.  The link below is for a preliminary listing of the cemetery census.
The census was formed from combining the following sources;
the work of Dave Yarkosky, cemetery sexton, who spent a year computerizing the old sexton's records, which included name, burial date, and grave location.
a listing of names from the cemetery board records kept independently at the  insurance office and transcribed by Twila Chedister, which included name, page #, grave location, and year of death.
an index of the Original Sexton's Book1 by Sarah Hindman, containing name and page #.
and a compilation of graves from  the old section by Jim King with name,  grave location, and year of death if recorded.
After merging all of the available sources into a database and tracking down discrepancies between the records(2000+), I launched the actual reading of the headstones in October of 1999.  It is my understanding that the cemetery has never been completely read before.  A reading by the WPA was done in 1938, but for adults only.  I completed the tombstone census in October of 2000.  
There are still 921 names that need to be retraced from the old Cemetery Book 1, and reconciled with the final listing.
I have included a sub source coding with each entry to indicate the initial source for the persons name, and a grave location code by section, row, lot, and gravespace.
Initial Source Codes
Bk - Original Sexton's Book 1 index only (entries not found in any other record)
Cc - Cemetery Census only (found on stone but not in any record)
Ib - Insurance Office Book (listed in cemetery board record but not in sexton's book)
Sb - Sexton's Computer listing (May also be in insurance office book)
Su - Jim Kings research and audit of the old section of the cemetery)
Section names and codes for gave location
BO - Boals Addition O2 - Oakview 2nd Addition
B1 - Perry's Baby Range O4 - Oakview 4th Addition
B2 - Perry's Baby Addition O7 - Oakview 76 Addition
CG - County Grounds ON - Old Part North
E1 - Edwards 1st Addition OS - Old Part South
E2 - Edwards 2nd Addition P1 - Perry's 1st Addition
H1 - Hatton's 1st Addition P2 - Perry's 2nd Addition
H2 - Hatton's 2nd Addition PS - Perry's South Addition
J1 - Jenkin's 1st Addition T1 - Townsend's 1st Addition
J2 - Jenkin's 2nd Addition T2 - Townsend's 2nd Addition
J3 - Jenkin's 3rd Addition T3 - Townsend's 3rd Addition
MG - Mausoleum Grounds T4 - Townsend's 4th Addition
O1 - Oakview 1st Addition