The 1896 Canvass

    The political canvass for the election of county officers for the year 1896 brought into the field the following named gentlemen as party nominees on the Republican ticket:  For Auditor, Josiah T. Young; Clerk of the District Court, J. W. H. Griffin; Recorder, Robt. O. Clapp; Member of the Board, J. K. Watson; County Attorney, Jerry Wright.
    The Democrats and Populists united their forces and brought out: For Auditor, John Welsh; for Clerk of the District Court, Geo. Stamm; Recorder, A. E. Dille; County Attorney, J. T. Clarkson; Member of the Board, John W. Shahan.
    Any one of the above candidates would make a capable and efficient officer to discharge the duties of his office, but at the date of this writing it cannot be definitely prophesied who will be elected in the general election in November.
    Hon. Josiah T. Young is a self made man, and climbed up from obscurity and poverty.  He was elected to the office of Secretary of State, and served two terms, during Governor Carpenter's incumbency as chief executive of the State.  Later he was elected to the General Assembly, and has filled other offices of public trust in a satisfactory manner.  He was a good soldier and a victim of a Southern rebel prison pen.
    J. W. H. Griffin has discharged the duties of Clerk of the District Court for so many years that the Monroe County bar, irrespective of party lines, looks upon him as an indispensable fixture.  He usually receives considerable support from the opposition and is universally popular.
    Robt. O. Clapp is a candidate for reelection.  He has made a good officer, and receives considerable support through sympathy, he being a cripple with but one leg.
    Jerry Wright is a young attorney of Albia, just feathering out in the legal profession.  He is full of enterprise, and will no doubt be competent to discharge the duties of his office, if elected.


    J. K. Watson is one of Monroe County's most staunch farmers, and will make an excellent Member of the Board if elected.
    Mr. Welsh is a very popular farmer from the west side of the county.  He formerly served as a member of the Board of Supervisors, and he just as capable and deserving of the office of Auditor as any man in his party.
   George Stamm was a Union soldier, has always lived an honorable, upright life, and well deserves some official recognition at the hands of his party.  He is a Populist at heart, but was formerly a Republican.  Welsh is a Democrat.
    E. A. Dille is a well educated young married man, and is a good penman.  He was formerly a Republican, but some years ago espoused the third party cause.
    J. T. Clarkson is a rising young attorney with two or three years' experience at the bar.  He is climbing up from humbler walks of life, and bids fair to reach an exalted rank in the profession.  His first vocation was that of a coal miner, but he has selected the law as his life profession.  He is a Populist or third party man, and a few years ago acquired some prominence through his connection with organized labor movements.
    Geo. W. Shahan is a well to do and practical farmer of Mantua Township.  He well understands the needs of the county, and has its interests at heart, and would no doubt make a safe and efficient Member of the Board if elected.