1935 Monroe County, Iowa Pension List

Originally transcribed from County records by Rosella Dicks.

From January 14th through April 1st of 1935, a census was taken in Monroe County of apparently all living individuals over the age of 21.  The heading on this list is "Old Age Pension", and was taken by township and city.  The purpose of the census is not entirely clear, and if anyone knows the specific details I would be glad to clarify it here on the web.  It appears to be a list of both potential recipients and donors of a monetary fund.  It was shortly followed by the introduction of the social security system we have today, and may, in fact, have been tied to it in some way.  In any case it contains enough potential genealogical information to place here on the web.  The census was not completely standardized, and the largest town, (Albia), has (address) and (occupation) information, but no parental information as the other documents.  I have tried to compile the various entries into the same format i.e.;

Surname, First, Middle,(address),birth, birthplace,(occupation),parents,division of census

Files are divided alphabetically, for page size limitation, however for the patient soul, the "All" button will bring to your desktop the entire census (891 Kbytes) in text format.  The advantage to the "All" page is the ability to search for any surname(including parents) in the entire pension list.  There were no Q or X surnames for the entire county.  Enjoy.

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